Kully Coil and Beverage is a professional beer line cleaning and bar supply company that has been servicing Southern Illinois for over 28 years.

Beer Tap Cleaning

Beer Tap Cleaning
Beer tap cleaning or draft line cleaning as some call it, involves tools and technique that Kully Coil and Beverage have successfully mastered over 28 years of service. Draft line cleaning is a state regulated service that is mandatory in the the state of Illinois every two weeks. Without clean taps bar owners could have sick customers as well as hefty state fines.

To keep your establishment up-to-date with regular, professional cleaning, it’s important you work with a company like us who have been in the business for over 28 years and know what it takes to service your draft beer lines properly.

Facts about Beer Line Cleaning:

  • Beer taps must be cleaned every two weeks
  • Without service, beer lines build-up bacteria, yeast and mold
  • Without regular service you can be fined a hefty charge from the state
  • Beer tap cleaning can be very annoying and time consuming if handled on your own
  • Log books are necessary to keep track of the dates beer taps have been cleaned by a professional

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